This is why Wimbledon is prestigious



Roger Federer, 2017 Gentlemen’s Wimbledon Champion 

The just concluded, 2017 Wimbledon tennis championships, would go down in history, because of two remarkable players who appeared in the singles’ finals: Venus William, 37, and Roger Federer, 35.

Venus Williams, dominated Wimbledon ladies’ championships, for almost a decade (winning her last Wimbledon title in 2008). During this period, she won 5 Wimbledon titles. On the other hand, Roger Federer had appeared on 11 Wimbledon championships – coming out victorious – in 8 of them. But, why is winning Wimbledon such a big deal?

It is still an open question, whether, Wimbledon is the most famous tennis tournament in the world. But unarguably, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, that began modestly, in 1877. It was modest then, because there was no fanfare that we see today. There was also zero prize money awarded in 1877, but in 2017, a total of £31, 600, 000 was awarded in prize money – with gentlemen’s and ladies’ single champions each receiving £2, 200, 000.


Venus Williams, 2017 Wimbledon Ladies’ runner-up

However, Wimbledon is not all about the big money, it is also about the ranking points and the prestige. Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam in tennis, and the only one that is played on grass. The other three are: US Open, French Open, and Australian Open.

The winners of Wimbledon singles’ championship gets a whopping 2,000 points. In other, to put this in perspective, a first round win only earns a player, 10 points in the singles. Therefore, winning Wimbledon can catapult a player in the ATP ranking for the gentlemen and the WTA ranking for the ladies. It’s ranking that makes a tennis  player valuable.


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