In her final address as U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama vows to defend American values


United States First Lady, Michelle Obama delivering her final speech as First Lady in the East Room of the White House. Photo: CNN

A very emotional Michelle Obama, has delivered her final speech as the First Lady of the United States, by urging young people in America to defend their values. Mrs Obama got choked up towards the end of her speech, as she vowed to stand shoulder to shoulder with young people in their struggles.

By promising to defend American values, Michelle Obama might be sending a strong message to President-elect, Donald Trump. Mrs. Obama campaigned hard against Mr Trump on the campaign trail.

During the speech, Mrs Obama appreciated the people she had worked with over the past eight years at the White House. She also used the platform to tout her husband’s achievements as President of the United States.

She admonished young people listening to her at the East Room of the White House and those watching from across the United States to be hopeful and courageous. She called immigrates part of America’s old tradition and told them not to be afraid. She equally told people of all religions to hold on to their faiths.

Michelle Obama, delivered her final speech as U.S First Lady at an event to honour the 2017 School Counselor of the Year.


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