Lawyers compelled George Michael’s grieving boyfriend to take down a link to love song he shared as a tribute


George Michael

Fadi Fawaz, 43, was the boyfriend of music star, George Michael who died of suspected heart failure, aged 53 on Christmas Day. In a tribute, Fawaz shared Michael’s unreleased song, “This Kind Of Love” to fans using Twitter. But the late musicians property lawyers insisted he remove the link over property right.


Fadi Fawaz (L) with George Michael (R)

Fawaz has since removed the link but in another post he made it clear he wasn’t happy with the lawyers, “the song I posted was found online they are many versions of it, please do your research if u think you r professional in what u do.”

The song is thought to be produced by John Elton in the 1990s and contains an emotional line: “Now everyone has to get over I know, but this empty house seems to get colder and colder.” Over one hundred thousand people have listened to the song and fans are calling for it to be officially released.


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