Trump Approves Of The Job Duterte Is Doing


President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte said Mr Trump told him in a telephone conversation that he’s fighting the drug war “the right way”. Mr Duterte has been under intense criticism from right groups and western governments for approving extrajudicial killings in the Philippines in the name of drug war.

Mr Trump stance is a sharp contrast of Mr Obama’s who has been critical of Mr Duterte’s government. Like Mr Trump, the Philippines’ leader is a very controversial figure and is no stranger to incendiary comments. He once called President Obama “the son of a whore”. In October he said “America has lost” and promised to bolster relationship with China. He later clarified both remarks and apologised to President Obama.


US Presidents-elect, Donald Trump

Mr Duterte described US President-elect as “animated” and noted he “could sense a good rapport”. He said Mr Trump has invited him to visit New York and Washington DC.

However, Trump’s transition team isn’t confirming nor denying Mr Duterte’s claims. They did say the phone call took place and “in their conversation, they noted the long history of friendship and cooperation between the two nations, and agreed that the two governments will continue to work together closely on matters of shared interest and concern.”

But that’s simply a professional and diplomatic statement. Only one person can tell us the real gist and that’s Mr Trump when he grabs his Twitter account.


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