Madonna Offered To Re-Marry Sean Penn But The Price Is High

Tidal Launch Event NYC #TIDALforALL


Madonna, 58, in a charity gala at Art Basel Miami, offered to re-marry her ex husband, Sean Penn if he was willing to bid $150,000 on her necklace.The charity gala was organised by Madonna to raise fund for her charity, Raising Malawi. She started the charity in 2006 to improve the lives of children living in Malawi.


Madonna and Sean Penn

The event drew a crowd of wealthy and famous celebrities as Madonna auctioned off her jewellery and art collections, celebrity experiences (including a week at Leo’s Palm Spring house) and a custom car inspired by the star musician.


Sadly, the second marriage is not likely to hold. While Penn was willing to up his game, he was outbid by other wealthy celebrities wanting the jewels. But for attempting to buy the necklace his ex wife invited him to the stage. There he crawled into Madonna’s legs as she asked him if it reminded him of anything. Madonna’s son David who is 11 experienced it all.

James Cordon emceed at the event. The Guardian reported that attendees paid $5,000 a seat and $150,000 for a the ‘philanthropist package’ which is for a table of 10, access for four people to a VIP cocktail reception and a photograph with Madonna.


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