Noble Laureate Soyinka Destroyed His Green Card Because Of Trump’s Victory


Nobel Laureate Prof Wole Soyinka 

Prof Wole Soyinka, Nigeria’s Noble Prize winner has disclosed he threw away his green card because of Mr Trump’s victory. Soyinka promised during the heated US presidential campaign that was rift with bigotry and incendiary remarks by Mr Trump, that he will destroy his green card if Mr Trump wins the presidency.

At the sidelines of an education conference at the University of Johannesburg, Soyinka told AFP he took the action because he “had a horror of what is to come with Trump” He also told the media outlet “I have relocated, and I’m back to where I have always been”.

Soyinka won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986 and has thought in US Ivy League universities. He was a fierce critic of the Nigerian government during military dictatorship. But when Nigeria returned to democratic rule in 1999 he’s been criticising the civilian governments as well.


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