No Change In Rhetoric As Trump Embarks On Post Election Rally


US President-elect Donald Trump (l) and Vice President-elect Mike Pence

President-elect, Donald Trump chose Cincinnati for his first big speech after clinching the presidency of the United States in a stunning victory on November 9. Mr Trump declared to multitude of raucous supporters at the rally “the bottom line is we won!” It seems the president-elect is coming back to his senses, after making headlines recently for saying the election was rigged in battleground states where his opponent won.

However, the president-elect sounded like his old self while on the campaign trail. Some people thought he would be subdued and appear presidential, but he was far from that demeanour. Why should he anyway?

Political commentators said before the election he couldn’t win after making flippant remarks but he did. He defied pundits who claimed he had no path towards the 270 electoral college votes. Almost every poll before the election revealed he was trailing Hillary Clinton, instead pulled off the greatest upset in US presidential election history.

Mr Trump was not oblivious to these facts, he knew his victory was incongruous. He was consistent in his criticism of the media during election campaign. And he didn’t hold back on Thursday night in Ohio as he again called the media “dishonest” and lambasted Gov. John Kasich of Ohio who refused to endorse him.

He also went back to his incendiary and divisive rhetoric of building wall on the border with Mexico, extreme vetting of all Muslim immigrants and to repeal and replace Obamacare. His supporters reciprocated by chanting “build the wall” and “lock her up” as they did during presidential campaign.

The president-elect claimed he was on a “thank you” tour with Vice President-elect Mike Pence to bring the country together. But it seems his rhetoric was antithetical to his claim and with his supporters yelling “lock her up” Clinton supporters can only be enraged.


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