Kelly Ripa Would Love To Have Anderson Cooper As Co-host


Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper on “Live with Kelly”

Ripa is saddened that Anderson Cooper can’t be her new co-host because he’s keeping his job at CNN. Cooper is the host of “Anderson Cooper 360” on CNN. Ripa appeared alongside Cooper on “Watch What Happened Next” which is hosted by their friend Andy Cohen.


However, Ripa will be joining Cooper on December 11 to co-host CNN Heroes Tribute Show. It won’t be the first time the pair will be co-hosting together. Cooper was a guest host not long ago on “Live with Kelly” which is hosted by Ripa. The show used to be “Live with Kelly and Michael”. But after Michael Strahan left the show earlier this year, the name has changed.


We still don’t know who will co-host with Ripa but we are sure it won’t be Anderson Cooper. Ripa has revealed they have a very long list of potential permanent replacement for Strahan but they aren’t set to make any announcement yet.


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