Flight CP-2933 Crash Caused By Lack Of Fuel


Members of Chapecoense football team before boarding the doomed flight

Initial  investigation by Colombian aviation authorities at the crash site indicated that the ill-fated flight did not have fuel when it went down in mountainous area near Medellin on Monday. At a news conference civil aviation chief, Alfredo Bocanegra said “Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, and having been able to do an inspection of all of the remains and parts of the plane, we can affirm, clearly, that the aircraft did not have fuel at the moment of impact”.


Flight CP-2933 crash site

This surprising revelation give credibility to a leaked tape where the pilot was talking about fuel shortage and total electric failure. Aviation regulations stipulates that an aircraft must have 30 minutes of extra fuel in reserve so as to be able to reach an alternative airport in case of an emergency. Why this particular aircraft had fuel shortage is bizarre.

However, some experts said a lack of fuel would have resulted in an explosion. But there was no explosion before the plane crashed. The black boxes of the plane have been recovered and will be sent to the manufacturer for analysis. Complete and thorough investigation into what went wrong with the aircraft is expected to take months.


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