US Election Drama: Clinton Pushes for Recount, Trump Says “Election Is Over”


Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has confirmed on Saturday it will join Jill Stein, the Green Party Candidate to push for recount. Jill Stein has already filled for recounts in Wisconsin. Clinton and her campaign has been noticeably silent on the issue but they are now speaking up.

Clinton’s campaign counsel, Marc Elias, said in a post on Medium that their campaign has not discovered any evidence of hacking in the voting systems. However, he explained they are joining the recount to “ensure it is fair to all sides”. Elias added it’s unfortunate some states don’t conduct post election audit including the battleground state of Michigan. Trump weighed in on that via Twitter by calling Democrats “badly defeated and demoralised”.

Donald Trump also lambasted Jill Stein as a “scam” who wants “to fill her coffers”. He called the recount efforts “ridiculous” and noted that election is over since Hillary Clinton has called to congratulate him before delivering her concession speech. Trump who is no stranger to living in his own reality, said most of the money donated for recount will never even be spent on it.

Stein has refuted Trump’s assertion that the money won’t be used on recount. She told CNN “this is all going into a dedicated and segregated account so it can only be spent on recount”. Stein has already raised over $5.8m, her target is $7m. But the money raised so far is enough to cover for recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Recount will start next week in Wisconsin.


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