Recounts Underway In US Election


Hillary Clinton 

Michael Haas, the director of Wisconsin Election Commission, has confirmed the commission is prepared to conduct a recount in just concluded US presidential election. Green Party candidate, Jill Stein and American Delta Party candidate, Roque De La Fuente filed petition to the commission requesting for recounts.

Even if Clinton wins Wisconsin after the recounts it still won’t overturn Mr Trump’s lead. Wisconsin has just 10 electoral college votes. But, a win for Clinton in Pennsylvania with 20 electoral college votes and Michigan with 16 electoral college votes can change the entire outcome. Trump is leading with 290 electoral college votes with Clinton trailing him with 232 electoral college votes. A candidate needs at least 270 electoral college votes to win the presidency of the United States.

Former co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party, George Martin, said his party has been approached by computer scientists and election lawyers alleging persuasive evidence of irregularities in the election results. However, the party made it clear the recounts are not likely to change the outcome of the election results.

The Green Party also intends to file for recounts in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan next week. It will cost $500,000 to file for recounts in Pennsylvania and $600,000 in Michigan. Attorney fees will cost them much more in those states. Stein’s campaign has already raised over $5M from donors for the recounts. That amount is enough to cover all expenses in the three battleground states- Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Clinton’s campaign has not released any statement on the recounts. They probably know it won’t change anything. Meanwhile, US officials have said there was no evidence of election tempering in the three battleground states.


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