Fidel Castro Dies at 90


Former Cuban President Fidel Castro

Cuban state media has reported the death Fidel Castro aged 90. He is Cuba’s former president and the leader of the Communist revolution. Fidel’s brother Raul Castro who succeeded him as president announced that “the commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening”

Fidel Castro was accused of suppressing opposition for almost 50 years that he ruled his country. But his supporters praise him as a man who liberated his people. His brother Raul Castro took the reigns of power from him in 2008.

Fidel Castro was United States betê noire while he was in power. And that lead to strained relationship between their two countries. However, under President Obama United States just reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba after 52 years of economic embargo.

Raul Castro in a late night broadcast on state television said his brother will be cremated on Saturday.


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