Trump says “the president can’t have a conflict of interest”


Left: President-elect Donald Trump addressing reporters, editors and opinion writers at The New York Times. Photo credit: The New York Times 

President-elect Donald Trump visited the New York Times and exchanged views with editors and opinion writers of the organisation. It will be recalled that he hada very cold and tumultuous relationship with the New York Times during his presidential campaign. On Trump’s visit the New York Times reported that “he displayed a jumble of impulses, many of them conflicting. He was magnanimous toward Mrs. Clinton, but boastful about his victory. He was open-minded about some of his positions, uncompromising about others. The interview demonstrated the volatility in Mr. Trump’s positions.”

Trump maintains his earlier position after wining the election that he won’t pursue any charges against the Clintons. Breaking from his promise of putting her behind the bars. But that’s not the only campaign promise he’s dropped or changed his stand on. On climate change he now wants to approach it with “an open mind”. On torture he said it’s “not going to make the kind of a difference that a lot of people are thinking.”

He defended his appointment of Stephen K. Bannon as his Chief Strategist calling him a “decent guy”. He expressed dismay against charges of racism Bannon has received from the media and the public calling it “unfair”.

Regarding his business he called the Trump brand “hotter” and said it will be extremely difficult to sell his business. Adding that the law is on his side pertaining to concerns about the conflict of interest and ethics laws. He then dropped the bombshell “the president can’t have a conflict of interest”.

The soon be president had nothing but kind words for the man who currently holds the job. Saying he hopes to develop a “great long-term relationship” with President Obama. Adding “I really liked him a lot, and I am a little bit surprised that I am telling you that I really liked him a lot”.

Trump didn’t go into details on any of the issues he discussed but what his presidency will look like is gradually taking shape.


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