Trump Picks Former Foe As UN Ambassador


Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina 

Trump’s transition team has announced Nikki Haley as the next UN Ambassador. Haley is the governor of South Carolina and a rising star in the Republican Party. She was a vocal critic of Donald Trump during the presidential election describing him as “everything a governor doesn’t want in a president”. She supported Marco Rubio and endorsed Ted Cruz after Rubio suspended his campaign for the White House. When Trump become the GOP nominee, Haley said she would vote for him. She confirmed recently she voted for him even though she wasn’t a “cheerleader” of Trump during the campaign.

Haley was reported to be under consideration for Secretary of State alongside Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani as top contenders. Romney is another Republican bigwig who openly exchanged verbal jabs with Trump during the election. With Nikki Haley out of consideration, the chances of Romney becoming the next US top diplomat just got higher.

Meanwhile, Haley has released a statement which reads in part “when the President believes you have a major contribution to make to the welfare of our nation, and to our nation’s standing in the world, that is a calling that is important to heed.” Nikki Haley will continue serving as the Governor of South Carolina pending congressional approval of her appointment.


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