Trump vowed to drain the swamp


United States President-elect Donald J. Trump

In his first address after his victory speech, President-elect Donald Trump vowed “to reform Washington and rebuild the middle-class”. Going strong on the political elites by proposing a five year ban on former executive officials becoming lobbyists and a lifetime ban on them lobbying for foreign governments.

He used the speech to reassure Americans that his “transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently, and effectively”. Trump campaigned on putting America first and he reiterated that in his address.

The president-elect said he will negotiate “fair and bilateral trade deals that will bring back jobs to American shores”. Saying he will withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership describing it as a “potential disaster for the country”.

But his speech was not all about jobs and draining the swamps. He also vowed to protect America “from cyber attacks and all forms of attacks”. And said investigation will be conducted on all abuses of the visa programmes that “undercut the American worker”.


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