Fergie, Duchess of York Sues for $30M


Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York 

Sarah Ferguson, the estranged wife of the Duke of York, Prince Andrew is suing Rupert Murdock newspaper for a whopping sum of $30M in damages. It will be recalled that in 2010 the Duchess was caught in a sting where she requested £500,000 for an access to Prince Andrew. She was filmed by the News of the World as she talked to undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood who posed as a businessman from India. She promised him “open doors” to Prince Andrew in exchange for the cash. However, Fergie blamed alcohol for her reprehensible action, telling Oprah she was “in the gutter at that time”.

The defunct tabloid owned by Rupert Murdock was closed in 2011 after multiple revelation of phone hacking by the media giant.

Fergie is mother to both princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of York. It’s unclear what the reaction of the British Royal Family will be regarding the lawsuit. But there were speculations that she was not invited to the 2011 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge because of the scandal.


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