Serena Williams appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to create awareness for The Yetunde Price Resource Center. The centre was opened in their hometown of Compton, California in honour of her late sister Yetunde Price who was killed in 2003 drive-by shooting. She said her death affected their family “a great deal”. The centre will help victims of gun violence and their families.

Apart from the charity work, there was something else Ellen was curious to know. “So there is no special person in your life?”, she asked the professional tennis player with 22 grand slams to her name. “Well, I didn’t say that”, she quipped as members of the audience giggled. So Ellen decided to turn her assertion into a proper question and asked, “Well, let me ask you is there a special person in your life?” Again she dropped that one-liner “I didn’t say that”. The audience were both delighted and disappointed. Delighted by her sense of humour but disappointed that they still don’t know who that special one is.

However, Ellen wasn’t done yet. She urged Serena to play one of her games Who’d You Rather?. The game was pretty simple. Two pictures would popped up and the guest is asked to choose one out of the two people. Serena’s first choice was between Jake Gyllenhaal and Bruno Mars, she went for Jake. Next was Jake and Michael B. Jordan, she chose Michael. Then came Zac Efron and Michael, she stuck with Michael. But that was how far Michael could go because immediately the picture of John McEnroe popped up, Serena changed her mind. Lewis Hamilton came along but she didn’t bulge. Then came Chance The Rapper and she switched. And then there was Idris Elba beside Chance The Rapper, after contemplating for a while she decided to go for Idris. When Justin Bieber emerged she asked rhetorically “what do you mean?”. Obviously alluding to his hit-track. A very elated Serena then screamed Justin’s name without having a second thought. Not even the pictures of Prince Harry and Bradley Cooper would make her change her mind.
Serena also talked about the breathtaking moment when she performed with Beyoncé. And how she was booted out off stage after missing her note.
Before leaving the show, Serena indicated she will make a come back to flaunt her dance moves. We don’t know when that will happen but we are pretty sure no body will ask her to leave the stage on that day even if she screwed up her note.


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