Romney for Secretary of State? Trump not that vindictive after all! 

President-elect Donald Trump was portrayed by the media and folks like Richard Branson as a very vindictive man that will go after his opponents should he win the presidency. Trump’s harsh attack of his opponents during the presidential campaign gave credence to that claim.

But it seems the soon to be commander-in-chief has buried the hatchet to lead the greatest nation on earth. His meeting with Gov Mitt Romney, the 2012 republican nominee for president of the United States is a testament to that fact. Romney was one of the fiercest critics of Trump. He called him “a phony” and “a fraud”. He described him as a failed businessman, who lacked the experience to lead the United States. Trump was equally quite vocal in criticising Romney, whom he said could have won the 2012 election but “choked like a dog”.

After their meeting Mitt Romney described the conversation as “far-reaching” and “in-depth”. There are speculations that Romney is one of the top contenders for Secretary of State. Michelle Rhee another person who has been at odds with Trump also met with him possibly in consideration for the same job.

We can only speculate who is on the list, only Mr Trump knows who the finalist are.


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