The President-elect makes a U-turn

President-elect Donald J. Trump

As distraught Americans continue to protest across the country against President-elect Donald Trump. He granted his first ever TV interview with Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes. The President-elect Trump was calm and sounded different from Republican nominee Trump who some felt was unsettled and considered his rhetoric incendiary. Earlier on Twitter he had called on those protesting “professional protesters” who were incited by the media. But he quickly back-tracked on that and praised them for the passion they have for the country. On air with Lesley Stahl Mr Trump expressed sadness for the bigotry going on across the country in the wake of his victory and looked straight into the camera and asked people to “stop it”.

He praised President Obama as a smart guy with a great sense of humour and complimented his former rival, Hillary Clinton, as a great competitor and a good person. However, you will find the rest of the interview encouraging or disappointing depending on where your passion lies.

He promised to keep part of Obamacare which is a complete U-turn for someone who called it “a disaster” and promised to repeal and replace it on the campaign trail. On that promise of getting “a special prosecutor” to try Hillary Clinton and put her in jail, he simply responded by saying he doesn’t want to “hurt them”. He said he’s fine with same-sex marriage because it’s already settled at the Supreme Court.

However, he’s still following through on other campaign promises like building the border wall. Although, he agreed that some areas might just be fenced. And he’s still committed to deporting or incarcerating illegal immigrants who are criminals and drug-dealers. The President-elect still keeps his campaign promise of appointing a conservative who is pro-life to the Supreme Court.

The property magnate turned politician says if allowed, he will still use Twitter as president because it’s a modern way of communication, albeit, “very restrained”. Only time will tell what a Trump Presidency will be. We only know he has vowed to bring the country together and give up $400,000 annual salary a president is entitled to.


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