“The people’s president”

Hillary Clinton speaking at the Children’s Defense Fund gala in Washington

Hillary Clinton made her first public appearance after conceding to Donald Trump on November 8 presidential election at a gala organised by the Children’s Defense Fund in Washington. In her concession speech on November 9 Clinton said losing the election is “painful and will be for a long time”. 
Speaking on Wednesday at the event she described service as “the rent we pay for living”. She also delved into her disappointment. Again not mincing word she told her audience “coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do”. She said there have been times in the past week when she never felt like leaving the house.
Mrs Marian Wright Edelman, the organisation founder and long time friend of Hillary Clinton introduced her to the stage as “the people’s president”. Obliquely telling her audience that if the election was decided by popular vote she would have been the president. Clinton is ahead with over a million vote and still counting. She has no more events in her schedule that the public is aware of. Her aides said this event has been booked before the November 8 general election. What would have been her first public speech as the first female president-elect of the United States ended up as a speech where she encouraged Americans to ” believe in our country, fight for our values and never, ever give up”.
No one knows what Hillary Clinton would do next. But we do know she’s downcast and passing through a difficult time. It’s no secret that she wanted to be the president of the United States badly. Probably working her entire life preparing for the job. Even Donald Trump admitted losing the presidency “will be very difficult for her” more than it would have been for him.


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