Did Exprience Hurt Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton after delivering her concession speech

Almost on every campaign rally Hillary Clinton and her top surrogates like President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders and even her husband Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama all touted her experience as one of the reasons why the American people should vote her. Barack Obama telling delegates and the entire nation at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia that nobody is more qualified to run for president of the United States than Hillary Clinton; “not me! not Bill!”, he added. Of course, Bill is Hillary’s husband, a former president with a decent approval ratings. 

On the campaign trail after the convention, Obama did not just tout Hillary’s experience, he was equally blunt in telling electorates that Donald Trump is “uniquely unqualified” and “temperamentally unfit” to be president and commander-in-chief. Obama wasn’t alone in talking about Donald Trump’s ineptitude to lead the United States for four years. Vice President Joe Obama once snapped that he hasn’t seen someone who knows “a few facts”. Michelle Obama basically branded him amoral but never mentioned him by name. While Bernie Sanders maintained that he will work hard to ensure Mr Trump lose. But with all these big names discrediting Mr Trump with blistering criticisms, over a billion dollars in her campaign, enjoyed positive coverage and slew of endorsements from both liberal and conservative media organisations, support from captains of industry and celebrities and more than 30 years in the political arena. Hillary Clinton still lost to a man who did not even have the support of his own party.

Some would argue she won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college vote. That’s true but the Clintons who are career politicians should understand the concept of electroral college vote more than Mr Trump who is a neophyte in politics. So where did Hillary Clinton and her team falter? Were they thinking that her experience was enough for her to win the election against an opponent they considered grossly flawed? Were the pollsters and the media simply dead wrong and living in their own reality(while accusing Mr Trump of living in his own reality)? Or could it be that they grew complacent as mainstream media handed them victory even before the election began? If it was complacency and over-confidence, Hillary Clinton wasn’t alone.

Even Barack Obama became cocky, on Jimmy Kimmel show he boasted after reading a mean tweet where Donald Trump said he will go down as the worst president, by quipping “at least I will go down as a president”. Suggesting obliquely that Mr Trump will not go down as a president at all. But it didn’t end there, at a rally on the eve of the general election. After introducing Hillary Clinton on stage he helped her with the dais and muttered “it will permanently there for you”. For Barack Obama it seemed like a done deal. But the following day she took a drubbing from her opponent by losing one battle ground state after another. Pundits stammered on live TV as they tried to explain what could be the reason for what is now known as the greatest political upset in American history. Ever since we have seen troves of editorial and commentator after commentator explaining why Hillary Clinton was trounced. But why didn’t they see it all coming before the election?


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